2 thoughts on “Bridge memories

  1. Mark C.

    I like blog posts such as this from Capital Metro, and I think they do a good job at showing when the agency is successful. It would also be cool if the operations folks (bus drivers, mechanics, etc.) had more of a voice on this forum.

    One idea is to write about employees that go above and beyond. Some transit agencies do this by posting articles on the employee of the month, or just a bus operator that did a great job. Recently I was planning a trip to Portland and Seattle, and I saw that both of their transit systems have articles like this posted on their websites (example from Trimet: http://trimet.org/difference/leonard.htm).

    I don’t know if other people are interested in these stories, but I think it could help to remind people about the valuable service that Capital Metro provides to the entire community.

    1. Adam

      Thanks, Mark. That’s great feedback. TriMet does an excellent job featuring its employees, and we’d love to do the same. We’d also like to have more of our employees contribute to the blog. We did have a bus operator (and accomplished writer) posting for a while, and we try to profile customers with interesting stories from time to time too. Thanks for reading.

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