Rider Profile: Stephanie McCurley

Stephanie McCurley likes Capital MetroRail so much that she walks farther to use it. “I walk two blocks out of my way to use the train,” Stephanie , a bus and train rider, said. Her commute takes her from Tech Ridge Park & Ride to downtown on E. 8th st.

She rides the 935 Tech Ridge Express into work in the morning, but in the afternoon she takes the train from Downtown to Howard and then catches the 243 Wells Branch home.

“My car broke down two years ago, and I decided to keep using public transportation,” Stephanie said. “The train does not sit in traffic and there is no slamming on of the brakes or stop and go like on IH 35. You aren’t worried about being rear ended or hitting another vehicle. A friend once complained the train is always on time so if she is late she must take the bus instead.”

She enjoys the train because the scenery is better than the roadway. “I do my bird-watching out of the window, I see great blue herons and hawks,” she said. To her, the train is “smoother, quieter and more scenic” than a bus or car trip.

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