Making Your Day

Bus operator Abdel Tenouri and Linda S. Watson
Linda S. Watson thanks Bus operator (and international bus roadeo champion) Abdel Tenouri.

The leadership of StarTran, Inc., who employs 2/3 of our bus operators, arrived at Capital Metro HQ about 3:30 a.m. this morning to make bus operators’ day.

We proclaimed today Bus Operator Appreciation Day, and new CEO Linda S. Watson joined StarTran management in the wee hours to serve breakfast and personally thank our professional bus operators for their work that results in thousands of people in our community getting to work, to school, and to anywhere else they want to go, every day.


Why did we select today?  First, it’s the last weekday of the summer service period. On Sunday, our fall service schedule begins, and there will likely be a different operator driving your regular bus. (Our service changes are also an opportunity for operators to switch route assignments.)

Second, it’s the first day of a three-month customer service initiative to Make Their (your) Day. If those whose jobs support the work of bus operators strive to make bus operators’ days–by thanking them and acknowledging their successes, by making sure they have the information they need, by providing good equipment and training, etc.–then bus operators will be better prepared each day to make your day.

Did you have a friendly bus driver today? Did you thank him/her? How can we make your day?

PS. Visit us on facebook and tell us who your favorite bus driver is and why!

2 thoughts on “Making Your Day

  1. N Crowther

    I LOVE my operators! They are the ones on the 3, 311 and the super 103 Flyer. I have had nothing but pleasantries, helpfulness and maintaining anger at difficult at times and skills in traffic. Isn’t it against the law to take a right in front of a bus from the left lane?

    I appreciate the way they hook in my wheelchair for safety and when they call out stops–so I know where we are along the route. Such good people at StarTran, they are like family.

    One rescued me from the scorching heat as I went to seek shade, by honking so I would know he was coming–2 blocks away– and I could board his bus! My hero!

    Good luck on the service changes and school starting! I usually wait for the newbies to get used to the route before I jump on board.

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