A moooooving first day for Linda Watson

Knowing that our new boss was on the way, early yesterday morning I tweeted @capmetronews that it was going to be an exciting day at Capital Metro.  Boy, was I right!  Soon after that tweet, the Cow Tongue on the Tracks incident took place.  The good news is, we’re told it wasn’t directed at us.  But it certainly made for an interesting way for president/CEO Linda Watson to start her first day.

Later that morning we invited the local media to meet Linda.  Of course, everyone wanted to know if she’d ever had a first day quite like this before.  But she also had a chance to discuss some of her priorities.  Here’s a sample from some of last night’s TV news coverage:

This video doesn’t exist

One thought on “A moooooving first day for Linda Watson

  1. Don Dickson

    Not everyone has to deal with a Santerian curse on her first day on the job. Welcome to Austin, Linda! We’re “Keepin’ It Weird!”

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