They’re Saaaafe!

Herzog Transit Services Inc, our commuter rail contractor since December, recently celebrated a milestone: 200 days accident-free.  Actually, the count is now 230+ days without a Federal Railway Administration reportable injury.

“It’s not a record easy to receive and we’re very proud of it,” Steven Welch, system safety and compliance manager for HTSI, said. Such a record is hard-won and easy to lose, all it takes is one unsafe strike and it’s gone.

When every day presents the challenge of hitting a home run in safety, employees must be focused. It all comes down to communication. “Before we start any task we have a job briefing and everyone understands what has to be done,” Welch said. “Our goal for safety is one day at a time.”

HTSI’s 60 employees have worked 100,000+ man-hours without an accident and are proud of their achievement. This also means that have had a perfect record of batting a thousand on safety.

Herzog has a very good industry average for safety, and it’s a great thing to hear that their performance here is no exception.

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