She’s almost here…

Linda Watson, our new president and chief executive officer, stopped by the office for a few moments today.  The building is buzzing with excitement as we wait for our new leader to take the helm.  She officially starts on Monday.

Ms. Watson talks to a group of bus operators in the break room.

Ms. Watson is busy settling in and getting better acquainted with the Austin area.  Today, she scoped out the vacant CEO office that will soon be filled with her transit books, awards and family photos.

Starting next week, she’ll have a line out the door of staff waiting to greet her and help her dive right into the important issues facing the agency. Between the requests for meetings by employees, elected officials and community leaders, her calendar is filling up fast.

Ms. Watson is returning to Texas after her most recent gig as the chief executive officer of LYNX, the transit authority in Orlando.  Click here to read more about her background and the search process that brought her to Capital Metro.

Welcome aboard!

5 thoughts on “She’s almost here…

  1. The real test will be whether she’s willing to meet with people like me, or just the typical yes-men that Capital Metro have confined themselves to as of late. No, I don’t expect you to spend time with people trying to kill all transit (Skaggs/Daugherty).

    1. Erica

      Let me get this straight. Your only criterion for determining whether Linda is a good leader or not is whether she is willing to seek you out personally for a meeting. ? Really?

      I’ve been here two years and some change, and I’ve personally invited you to participate in various Capital Metro goings-on despite knowing you do not support MetroRail. Likewise we invite you and everyone in the public constantly to board meetings, community meetings, happy events, bus events, rail events, workshops and every other Capital Metro-related shindig you can imagine, and I’ve never seen you. If you want to shape how things will go and bend the ears of the leaders over here, you have to take some responsibility of actually showing up and participating.

      1. Erica, I’ve expressed on several occasions that showing up with the general public so I can be one of many voices that are inevitably completely ignored on all matters of substance is a waste of everybody’s time. And I don’t expect the new CEO to seek me out; I’m wondering if she would meet if I sought her out.

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