On the road again: the Bus Stop Improvement Program

We’ve got more than 3,000 bus stops.  Unfortunately, not all of our stops meet the newest standards for accessibility as set by the ADA. In 2009, we began a program to upgrade our stops that needed it.

Before and after: Bus stop at the Northeast corner of Burnet and Greenlawn

Travis Hausmann is our Bus Stop Man. When we embarked on the Bus Stop Improvement program, we first needed to get a detailed inventory of each amenity at every bus stop. Travis and others hit the road to take inventory of our stops, take photographs and prioritize the needs.

Since 2009, Capital Metro has committed approximately $3 million to upgrade about 400 stops. Upgrading a stop usually consists of installing or widening the concrete landing pad, which allows people in wheelchairs to easily maneuver at the bus stop.  Other common upgrades include installing curb ramps and connector sidewalks.  These improvements benefit all of our riders and pedestrians who may or may not even ride Capital Metro.

A related initiative is to install Braille signage at every bus stop. We are testing two types of material for the Braille signs, plastic and metal, to see which material works best and lasts the longest. A number of our bus stop poles are already outfitted with Braille signage.

Communications Intern James Hatler contributed to this story.

2 thoughts on “On the road again: the Bus Stop Improvement Program

  1. Don Dickson

    A semi-related bus stop question: do y’all ever spray mosquito repellent at any bus stops? I got eaten alive the other night while waiting for a bus.

    Is that something CM could ask the City to do?

    1. Adam

      Don, mosquito control is not something we’ve done, but we’ll send our property management people your suggestions about asking the City.

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