Tobacco-Free Transit Facilities: Survey Results

Last month, Capital Metro staff recommended to our board that they adopt a tobacco-free policy that would affect our transit facilities. If adopted, the boarding areas of park & rides, transit centers, and MetroRail stations would become tobacco-free.

We conducted a customer survey earlier in July about this proposed policy, and more than 1,000 people participated. People took the survey online or by filling out paper surveys available at major transit facilities.

Of those who responded, 66 percent somewhat support or strongly support a tobacco-free transit facilities policy. (Eighty percent of smokers who took the survey do not support the policy, but smokers constituted only 28 percent of the respondents). If the policy is enacted, eighty percent of respondents said they would ride Capital Metro the same amount or more often.

Click through the slides to learn more about the survey results.

About 500 respondents to the survey also provided additional comments. Most comments expressed support for the policy and concerns about how the policy would be enforced. (Learn more about how the policy would be enforced.) Some respondents disagreed with the policy and believe it would be a violation of people’s rights.

The results of the survey will be shared with the Capital Metro Board on July 26, when they will consider adoption of the policy.

7 thoughts on “Tobacco-Free Transit Facilities: Survey Results

  1. Don Dickson

    A perfect world would be tobacco-free. I really think y’all are wasting your time and should be focused on other critical areas of concern.

  2. Melanie Leary

    I really do hope that capmetro becomes tobacco free. It’s so awful when you’re waiting for the bus in the blistering heat or the pouring rain under the sheltered bench and people are smoking there. You have to choose whether to breathe second hand smoke or face the weather.

  3. dmcnuggets

    This proposed rule is a joke. How is it that brief wisps of secondhand smoke while one is outside going to harm anyone’s health, when such proposals are an overreach by those in the tobacco control movement. Limit any proposed smoking bans to just indoor areas and near entrances to indoor facilities, and don’t ban smoking any further than that. The vast majority of smokers are respectful and smoke outside away from building entrances, why punish all smokers for the few that are inconsiderate and smoke close to buildings?

    Oh, and if this proposal is one on all tobacco products, and not just smoking, good luck enforcing that if it’s passed. 🙂

  4. Jose

    I am allergic to perfume but there is always someone that puts too much on and makes my allergies foul up. Why don’t we ban that? Because in America we have to learn how to deal with it. It is a fact of life, you can’t legislate being considerate. You can’t arrest us all. They are many disabled people out there who can’t drive but smoke. So are you going to deny the disabled population from enjoying the benefits of the non disabled. A person in a wheelchair may not be able to drive but smokes to ward off the side effects of anti-seizure medication. This policy goes to far. Let’s build indoor smoke free waiting areas at transit centers, and park and rides with public restrooms, water fountains, vending machines. A win win situation for everyone!!!! This proposed policy it’s lose lose and get sued. I guess Capital Metro wants lawsuits because their legal team is bored?

  5. Kenneth

    But it’s fine that I have to stand out in the sweltering heat or rain? Typical short sited hypocritical thinking! I for one will not abide by this policy if it’s enacted! I will not have my rights trampled on for doing something that is perfectly legal!!!

  6. Kenneth

    I also wanted to add, I have to deal with people drinking beer and liquor at the bus stops on a daily basis even though that is not allowed. It’s a joke to think that you can enforce this when you can’t even enforce the current rules that are in place! While we’re at it, can you make a new rule that doesn’t allow nasty un-bathed homeless near the boarding areas. Hell, I’d be happy if I could not have to be harassed by 10 homeless people for a cigarette or money while at ANY bus stop downtown! There are much better things that Capital Metro could be doing with their time!!!

  7. Jman

    Attention Smokers, every time you light up a cigarette, it’s like you’re standing next to me while letting out a 5 minute fart that gives me cancer. That’s what non-smokers hate you guys so much.

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