Dirty mattresses: gone and good riddance (Rock art: for you, my heart weeps)

Stinky mattress

A few months ago, Capital Metro was called out by one of our neighbors for some mess along the rail line over near Plaza Saltillo. Unfortunately, us fine folks here at CMTA hadn’t been keeping up with our property but non-fine folks weren’t helping with their illegal dumping either. So dirty mattresses, broken-down furniture, old railroad ties and other assorted debris had accumulated. But, now, ta-da! We recently finished cleaning the egregious stretch from IH-35 to 7th Street and stinky mattresses are no more.

Obviously, it’s great that we finally cleaned up that junk. We do need to keep it clean for our neighbors and, even though people need to stop illegally dumping, trash begets more trash  unfortunately so if we can start with a clean slate, that helps.

Since I have the liberty to go off tangent here though, I wanted to take a moment to lament one aspect of the clean-up: the removal of the concrete rubble mound on 5th Street turned fun public art that made me smile every time I passed it.

Rock Art!

See, doesn’t that make you smile too? (And it also made our interim Pres. Doug Allen smile because at a recent board committee meeting where the clean-up status was conveyed, he expressed a little sadness when he heard that the rock art was gone. (Good to know that he appreciates these quirky things that makes Austin awesome, right? Don’t worry, we put a little picture of it in a frame for him so he can always remember it.))

But I digress, back to the clean-up…

Though I lament its loss, I know we had to clean up the rock art. What’s art to me may not be art to you (oh, that’s for a whole ‘nother blog) and particularly given the heat Capital Metro gets in this town (whether deserved or not), I guarantee you that if we hadn’t picked it up, someone would’ve said, ‘Well I can’t believe Capital Metro didn’t pick up that rubble on 5th Street!’ So we had to pick it up, even though it makes my heart weep. (Whoever you are that brought us that little mound of happiness, I thank you!)

With that section in order now, it’ll be easier to keep up. But we’ve also got to keep an entire 162 mile-long rail line tidy (which is 60+ miles further than going to San Antonio!) and it’s impossible for us to have our beady little eyes planted along the entire route. So if you see a big ol’ mess in our ROW, let us know ASAP. I know we got a bum rap before for not following up but we do want to keep it clean and we don’t need more bum raps. So let us know; we’d really appreciate it. (And stop dumping those stinky old mattresses, whoever you are!)

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