Summer Fun on the Red Line

Hi.  Remember me?  I have not blogged in awhile.  My home computer crashed and I have been involved in several projects at work that have left me scrambling.  Rest assured that I have been on the MetroRail every day observing, listening and talking with my fellow MetroRail riders on the Red Line.

Summer is here. Seeing all the children with their parents on the train has been so much fun.  I often ask them where they are bound for their summer’s day excursion.  Some are off to the Children’s Museum or to take off on a Duck Adventure.  Others are off to the State Capitol to tour the building and enjoy a picnic on the lawn.  One little boy delighted in telling me how a squirrel ate popcorn from his hand on the Capitol lawn.  One father and daughter were going to take a Car2Go to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.   No matter what the plans are, taking MetroRail downtown to knock around is a great idea.  The train ride is a wonderful way to begin and end a summer’s day adventure.

A couple of weeks ago, my children accompanied me to work on the rail.  They enjoyed the experience so much that my seventeen-year-old daughter quickly saw the Red Line as an opportunity to venture out to other places.  There was an event that she wanted to attend and she knew that my mother was going to the same event.  Since I could not go, she drove to the station and boarded the train to Leander and met up with my mother there.  They were able to attend the event together.  She could have driven; but, being a fairly inexperienced driver, she chose MetroRail.  I understand that she and her little brother are now considering spending an afternoon with their grandmother in the near future.  No doubt they’ll be riding the rail again soon.

Summer fun isn’t just for the kids.  I met a retired couple who were venturing out for the day.  They were going to take part in a guided walking tour of Austin’s historic buildings, visit the Mexic-Arte Museum, check out some of the shops downtown and have a late lunch (and drinks) on the patio at Moonshine before catching the 3:45 pm train back to the Leander Station.

A lot of people are beginning to incorporate MetroRail into their summer activities.  As for me, it is nice boarding a train in the afternoon, after a hard day at work, and getting to hear some of the stories of how the kids spent their day.  I am so jealous.

2 thoughts on “Summer Fun on the Red Line

  1. Don Dickson

    Can anyone tell me the distance between Lakeline Mall Station and Lakeline Mall? And/or whether a pedestrian can get to/from that HEB-Plus store from the nearby station?

  2. James G


    The distance between Lakeline Mall and Lakeline Station is just under 2 miles.

    Currently, Route 383 serves Lakeline Mall in the southbound direction only.

    As part of the August service change, Route 383 will begin to run two-way between Lakeline Mall and Lakeline Station. Travel time between the two is 7-8 minutes.

    You can preview the new #383 routing and stops here:

    Current #383 routing and stops:

    The HEB Plus @ 620 & Anderson Mill is a significant distance off route (1.1 miles from nearest stop at Anderson Mill & Millright). However, the HEB @ Lake Creek & US 183 is served directly by #383.

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