Ride with us July 4th

The Fourth of July weekend is upon us.   If your holiday plans include going to the Austin Symphony July 4th Concert and Fireworks, consider riding the bus.  Every year many of us visit Auditorium Shores for the spectacular light show in the sky.  And, every year there is a mess of traffic along Barton Springs and South First.

So this year celebrate independence from your car by riding the bus.  Capital Metro has several routes that can help get you to the show, but we recommend the following: 1M, 3 (on detour), 7, 20, and 30.  Here’s a nifty interactive map we’ve created to help you plan your trip.

After the show, we’re extending service on these routes to help you get back home.  They will pick up passengers away from the crowds, so you’ll have to walk a little to reach the boarding locations:

1M NB – Congress/2nd 1M SB – Congress/Riverside

3 NB – Congress/2nd 3 SB – Lamar/Toomey

7 NB – Congress/2nd 7 SB – Congress/ Barton Springs

20 NB – Congress/2nd 20 SB – Riverside/Haywood Ave

30 SB – Barton Springs/Dawson

On Sunday, July 4 Capital Metro will operate on a Sunday service level ending service by 10 p.m., except for the routes mentioned above.  Night Owls will not run on July 4.

On Monday, July 5, Capital Metro will operate regular weekday service (including MetroRail); however, administrative offices will be closed.

Happy Independence Day!

4 thoughts on “Ride with us July 4th

  1. Justin

    After my experience last year, I will be driving to the July 4th celebration in Downtown. Capital Metro/Star Tran never manage special event crowds well, so anyone riding transit should expect the few buses in service to be crowded and late.

    1. Greg Anderson

      Hey Cap Metro Justin’s decided you don’t know anything about running special event bus service – guess the folks who run ACL and use you year after year are clueless – so you might as well cancel the July 4th attempt to help the community out.

  2. chrysrobyn

    1 hour, 47 minutes. Nope, can’t celebrate independence from my car.

    I know funding is short, what with trying to save money for the contingency fund and all, but there’s a genuine problem with service to Wells Branch. Sending everything through Tech Ridge, and then not giving Tech Ridge any express busses are a pair of problems that should each be individually solved.

  3. Tom Thayer

    I tried to use CapMetro during SXSW. I had no problem getting downtown, but on the way back, the first bus I needed to take never came, leaving me stranded. CapMetro claimed their buses were running 45 minutes late (!?!!) that day, but I waited at least that long. I saw plenty of shuttles to the parking garage, but that just caters to people who drove.
    It will be a while before I trust CapMetro again with special events. I agree that they plan poorly for special events based on my experience.

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