Dump the Pump Tomorrow

Tomorrow, June 17, is National Dump the Pump Day, and we here at Capital Metro hope you’ll celebrate with us by leaving your car at home.

Dump the Pump logo

As automobiles are the greatest source of air pollution, trying an alternative to driving solo to work or school makes a big impact on the quality of our environment. In fact, you’ll be dubbed an Ozone Action Hero (you have to acquire your own cape, however) for walking, biking, carpooling, or riding Capital Metro instead of driving.

If you’re interested in trying public transportation tomorrow and joining the thousands of regular Capital Metro riders who are doing their part to save the environment, we have an incentive for you: you can ride free on Dump the Pump Day with this coupon. Print it out and show it to your bus driver or MetroRail fare enforcement officer, and your ride will be on us.

During rush hour, every full bus takes about 35 cars off the road; let’s fill the bus! (and train).

4 thoughts on “Dump the Pump Tomorrow

    1. Erica

      Yep, tis true: there’s a positive relationship between public transportation and being fit.

      I saw another interesting study report today, The National Bicycling and Walking Study, which is administered by the US Dept. of Transportation and details trends and changes in bicycling and walking since 1994 (when the previous study was done).

      The results? We’re walking and bicycling about 25 percent more since 2001.

      The goal at the federal level, and at the local level, too, is to fully integrate walking and bicycling into the range of (safe) transportation options available to folks. Check out the full report at http://www.walkinginfo.org/15_year_report/

  1. chrysrobyn

    I wish I could have taken advantage of this, but turning my 15 minute commute into over an hour is too silly to seriously consider. I’d consider half an hour, but 50-70 minutes of my time twice a day is a non-starter.

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