How to fix mass transit

From the heights of the regional rail power poles to the bowels of the subway system*, running one of the largest mass transit systems in the nation is a challenge. You may not think much about the unsung heroes who keep the wheels moving even on a smaller system like right here at Capital Metro.

Tonight you’ll have the chance to experience the inner-workings of mass transit as National Geographic’s World’s Toughest Fixes takes you behind the scenes of SEPTA in Philadelphia.

Here’s a video preview.  Hope you’re not afraid of heights, high-voltage power lines, speeding trains, approaching thunderstorms or dramatic background music:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The full episode is on tonight at 8 CT on the National Geographic Channel.

*borrowed part of this phrase from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

One thought on “How to fix mass transit

  1. Jason

    Thanks for the information on the National Geographic show on maintaining the rail system in Philadelphia. Also, thanks to all of the Capital Metro and service partner employees that work hard every day to keep the bus and trains moving!

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