CEO candidates coming to town tomorrow

The Capital Metro Board of Directors is bringing back the two finalists for Capital Metro president/CEO for one more round of discussions with each candidate. As a couple of board members were quoted by the news media earlier this week, “We have to get this right.”

The finalists, Deborah Wathen Finn and Linda Watson, will meet with a few Capital Metro board members (Martinez, Langmore, Riley, and Stafford) and several community stakeholders. Local and state elected officials and business and other community leaders are represented in the panel. Due to the size of the group, it has been split into two panels, and each finalist will meet first with one group, and then the other.

Additionally, each candidate will meet with both a panel of employees and a panel of customers. That means each woman will have a long day tomorrow, meeting with four separate groups, in two locations. I guess if you’re applying for the big office, you need to be able to be “on” all day long.

The format of the meetings will be less formal than an interview. For both the customer and employee panels, the candidates have been asked to lead a discussion on what they believe are the most pressing issues facing Capital Metro. But although less formal than an interview, it’s still pretty much an interview, and as such, none of the meetings will be open to the public. You can still evaluate the candidates for yourself, and send us your feedback, by watching the candidate public forum held on May 17.

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