One thought on “Capital Metro Sends Response to Sunset Staff Report

  1. ky

    The letter issued by Doug Allen represents so much wrong with Metro, excuses about things being complicated and difficult to change. The bottom line is that if a private company were presented with a way to save $20 million a year they would do it without hesitation as soon as possible. But alas, the executive branch has too many allies in the adminstrative ranks, and the the Board Chair has too many allies in the union ranks, this means no one wants to do the right thing by contracting the service out, because it would means lots of lay offs and wage reductions across the the entire agency. The response by Mr Allen is like the old “the dog ate my homework” but his is, yeah, we have known for years that the structure is messed up, but changing it is “complicated”. Well is really is NOT complicated. You write your proposals, post your bids and the contract terms, award the contracts. Normal businesses do this every day, and it is NOT complicated. Frankly, us the public could NOT care less that you find it “complicated” but we do care how you spend our money, which has been BADLY. So if you cannot handle how “complicated” this is please move on down the road and bag groceries or something, so someone else can handle this “complicated” business.

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