A Chance Encounter

What’s about 32-feet long, 10-feet tall, 8-feet wide, green and comfortably (though some may beg to differ) seats 28 people?

A ‘Dillo, of course. If the price is right, you can take home a piece of Austin transit history. Five of our old ‘Dillo trolleys, manufactured by Chance Coach (now the pun in the title should make sense), are now up for auction on govdeals.com.

When old buses have reached the end of their useful lifespan for rigorous transit schedules, they aren’t necessarily ready for the scrap heap. There are some businesses, government entities or social service agencies out there that can put them to use. There’s still some value left, so we put them up for bid to recapture some of that value.

Any takers? Check out these beauties:

4 thoughts on “A Chance Encounter

  1. Don Dickson

    I really miss the Dillos. Best AC of any public transit conveyance you’ll ride anywhere. Pretty useful for getting around, too….I still think it was a mistake to take them out of service, though the last set of routes was very poorly conceived. I can think of so many circular routes that I think would have been very popular and very well-utilized.

  2. Erica

    Don! I’ve missed you, how’ve you been? I am sad the ‘Dillos are gone, too, although aside from the AC, they weren’t really that comfy of a ride. hard wooden seats!

  3. Adam

    A former coworker who’s been out of Austin for several years emailed me after reading this blog entry and said his “seat” still hurts from frequent ‘Dillo rides. But we ARE trying to sell these things. So don’t let this uncomfortable talk discourage you!

  4. Adam

    Sold! The auction ended on May 20. We sold four trolleys with the final prices ranging from about $24,000 to $27,000. Keep an eye on the Govdeals site. We may have more vehicles up for auction soon.

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