Train Tweetup

Have you made your fabulous fun plans yet for riding MetroRail this Saturday? Here’s a fun idea that I found on Twitter, a train tweetup that will ride MetroRail downtown for drinks at the Cedar Door. The savvy hosts of this clever get together secured the following discount from the Cedar Door: show your MetroRail ticket and get $3 margaritas and 20% off appetizers before 5 p.m. (The Cedar Door makes a tasty margarita, I can attest.)

Hey smart local businesses: anyone else offering a discount on Saturday for MetroRail riders? Let us know!

Hey fun local people: what are your plans for taking MetroRail on Saturday?

2 thoughts on “Train Tweetup

  1. This is a great idea! I volunteered as a MetroRail Ambassador at the Leander Station from about 10:30am to about 2:00pm. Trains were busting at the seams with people riding that were excited to be the first to ride the train in to Austin on a Saturday.

  2. Red Sanford

    The trains were busting at the seams with people. So many so that it was impossible to board at the Lakeline station going downtown. Cap Metro wouldn’t give refunds, but instead put my family on a 1:45 min bus ride. Never again.

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