Fall 2010 Service Change proposal revisions

Last week, we met with riders at several public meetings and the first of two public hearings about the fall 2010 service change proposal. We heard a lot of constructive, valuable feedback, and the planning team has made a few revisions to its proposal.

Revisions are being made to the original proposals regarding routes 37, 171, 243, 320, and 383–details behind the jump.  There are still two opportunities to talk to staff and to the board about the proposed changes prior to the board taking a vote on April 26. Tomorrow, there’s a public meeting at the Twin Oaks Library, 2301 S. Congress, 5:30-7 p.m. (Routes served by Routes 1L/1M, 101, 331). A second public hearing takes place on Thursday at noon, at Capital Metro’s headquarters, 2910 E. 5th Street (Served by Routes 17 and 300). 

map: revised route 3737 Colony Park/Windsor Park

– Original Proposal: Realign route through Mueller development between Airport Blvd. and 51st St.

– Revised Proposal: Realign route through Mueller development between Airport Blvd. and 51st St., but serve southbound I-35 frontage during weekday midday period (9:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.).

171 Oak Hill Flyer

– Original Proposal: Eliminate two morning and three afternoon trips to Windmill Run/Scenic Brook neighborhoods and US 290 frontage. Recommended trips to serve the neighborhood: 6:40 a.m. and 7:40 a.m.; 4:40 p.m. and 5:40 p.m. Add midday round trip between UT/Downtown and Oak Hill Park & Ride.

– Revised Proposal: Based on customer feedback, modify which trips serve Windmill Run/Scenic Brook neighborhood and US 290 frontage.  Morning- 7:00 a.m. and 7:40 a.m.  Afternoon- 4:20 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

243 Wells Branch

– Original Proposal: Eliminate service north of Wells Branch.

– Revised Proposal: The proposal to eliminate service will be withdrawn, and service will be reevaluated for possible changes January 2011.

map: revised route 320320 St. John’s

– Original Proposal: Extend route north to FM 2222 & Balcones and south to Burton & Oltorf.

– Revised Proposal: Extend route north to Village Center & Far West and south to Burton & Oltorf.

383 Research

– Original Proposal: Realign service from US 183 frontage to Jollyville and Pond Springs. Realign service in Lakeline Mall area.

– Revised Proposal: Realign service from US 183 frontage to Pond Springs. Retain service on US 183 frontage between Braker and Oak Knoll. Realign service in Lakeline Mall area. map: revised route 383

7 thoughts on “Fall 2010 Service Change proposal revisions

  1. Mark Chacon

    With the revised proposal to route 383, which would eliminate any bus service to the intersection of Duval & Jollyville, I suggest that Capital Metro consider adding a stop to the 982/983 buses at this intersection. I do not believe this would require any additional resources, since the 982/983 already drive past this area. The bus routes could use one of the route 392 bus stops that is currently at Duval & Jollyville near the apartment complexes. This may require having the SB 982/983 buses exit the 183 frontage road at Duval instead of at Balcones Woods Dr; however, southbound passengers could be picked up instead at the 392 bus stop on SB Jollyville @ Balcones Woods.

  2. Scott Wood

    Is one way service on the 183 frontage road really more useful than providing two-way service to the apartment complexes and businesses on Jollyville? The 383 does have higher ridership along that stretch than the 392 now, though I wonder if that is due to where the routes will take you rather than which one runs on Research versus Jollyville. If the 283 flex route suggested in service plan 2020 is ever implemented, that could provide access to the northbound side of 183, especially places that aren’t near a crossing. I agree with Mark that an express stop at Duval would be helpful.

    I assume this means that you will not be implementing the service plan 2020 recommendation to not enter the Pavilion park and ride on northbound 183? Having to go all the way back down to Duval to u-turn is unfortunate.

    The service plan 2020 recommendation to have 392 enter the southern part of the Domain and directly connect to Kramer Station would be nice, too.

    1. Erik

      Better connections for #392 and 3 via Kramer Station are sorely needed, especially since they’d allow easier access to Domain/Arbor/Arboretum.

  3. Kate

    I would also like to request that the 383 be routed along Jollyville between Braker and Oak Knoll (as was the plan in the original route change). A route along Jollyville would provide much better access for the large numbers of us who live in the many apartment complexes along Jollyville, as well as better access to locations such as the 78759 post office.

  4. Dano

    I’m not sure how much of a change can be warranted for route #30 to take in route #29 stops. Route #30 is already very long and circuitous. What really is need for routes #29 and #9 are smaller vehicles to reduce the cost of running the routes. I’ve been to other cities (e.g. San Diego) that use buses similar to the ones that are currently used for disabled riders. They seem to be smaller than those used for the #29 and #9 routes which should reduce the costs to operate.

  5. Dano, smaller vehicles make almost no difference in costs – they don’t get all that much better mileage, and the primary cost in running the route is operator labor anyways.

  6. Scott Wood

    I see you’ve updated the fall service change description at http://www.capmetro.org/news/news_detail.asp?id=8437 — but it still says for 392, “Replace service along Jollyville between Pavillion Park & Ride and the Arboretum with Route 383.”

    Given that you’re now planning to leave 383 on Research, it should simply say that you are removing service from that section of Jollyville.

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