The Scoop on Bus Arrival Times

Why wait for the bus out in the heat, rain or cold when you can hang out inside and get an ice cream cone, a cup of coffee and bus arrival times all in the same place? That’s what a Boston software engineer was thinking when he developed an LED bus arrival display sign and convinced the folks at his local hangout to put it up next to the ice cream counter. You can hear about it in his own words or read the Boston Globe story.

Like our colleagues at the MBTA, we make our route and stop data readily available. Check out the MetroLabs section of our site. Maybe you’ll come up with the next great app for transit schedules.

One thought on “The Scoop on Bus Arrival Times

  1. His app uses actual bus arrival times (based on current location of the buses), not just schedules, which are, of course, worthless in many cases.

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