MetroRiding101: the Cell Phone trick

I take evening classes at UT and once or twice a week I invariably find myself waiting for a Capital MetroBus to take me home after 9pm. Because the buses are less frequent in the evening and my bus stop for the 10/20 along Red River is not all that well lit I’m often worried that our bus operator won’t see me and I’ll have to wait for the next one. I haven’t been left behind yet but more than once I’ve ended up waving my arms and shouting at the last possible second as the bus fails to slow until it’s even with me and then pulls over well past the normal stop area. (Must be my black jacket.)

Recently though one of our bus operators taught me a great trick. Operator Joe Rhodes suggested that I use my cell phone to signal the driver — waking it from sleep and then waving it toward the driver as the bus approaches is a great way to catch their attention, particularly when you’re in an area without good street lighting.

I was sceptical at first but I’ve used this little trick twice in the last week and both times the Operator saw me with plenty of time to spare. And both operators greeted me with a warm “Thank you for doing that!” as I boarded their bus.

Give it a try if you find yourself worrying about whether you can and will be seen.

Thanks Joe!

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