Crime doesn’t pay

Our highly-skilled MetroRail engineers are trained to be on the lookout for anything and everything. Here’s a photo of what one engineer spotted this morning near Wilshire Boulevard:

Of course, entering the railroad right-of-way is a big no-no whether you’re on foot or in your old pickup truck. More seriously, it’s extremely dangerous. As it turns out, trespassing wasn’t the only crime this truck driver committed, according to police. I’ll let Fox-7 tell you the rest of the story:

This video doesn’t exist

One thought on “Crime doesn’t pay

  1. Adam

    Our customer service center received a very gracious call today from a gentleman who lives right near the section of the rail line where this happened. He called to give “kudos and congratulations” to Capital Metro staff and everyone else involved in the apprehension of this suspect. He said he keeps an eye out on his area so he can report anything suspicious and was overjoyed that this suspect is out of action.

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