Respect the E-Bus

A word of advice to E-Bus patrons — have fun but be safe and responsible.  Recently, E-Bus ridership has dramatically increased and there have been incidents of unruly behavior.  Our field supervisors and security (off-duty police) officers have witnessed irate drunkenness, assaults on bus operators and vomiting on the buses.  This behavior is concerning and the Austin Police Department is warning students to clean up their act or possibly end up in jail.  Read more about the issue in this Daily Texan article.

For those of you who don’t know about the E-Bus (short for Entertainment Bus), it’s a way for people to safely get to and from Austin’s entertainment district.  It’s targeted toward University of Texas students but is also open to the general public.

Through a partnership with the APD and UT, Capital Metro started the E-Bus in 2003  with one route, which served west and main campus.  Then it quickly evolved into two routes, one serving the campus area and one serving student housing off campus.  In 2005, ridership on the campus shuttle became so great that Capital Metro decided to split it into two separate routes, the Main Campus (412) route, and the West Campus (410) route, in addition to the Riverside route (411).  The E-bus runs 9 pm. – 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday only during the fall and spring semesters.

The E-Bus is a great service that helps keep people safe and off the roads after a night of partying.  The moral of the story…be safe and respectful of the E-Bus.

2 thoughts on “Respect the E-Bus

  1. Parker Beaty

    I agree the ebus is bad but people vomiting will i have seen people ask the driver to pull over and let them vomit and sometimes i see the driver decline to stop the bus so as far as that part go’s i don’t think thats more then an accident. by the way great start with the metro rail have my pass ready the 5day pass i hear you can use the bus during the weekend using that 5 day pass is that true

    1. Erica

      Parker, yes, your 5-day Plus pass is good on the bus on the weekend. So if you buy the pass on Thursday, for example, you can ride the train or the bus on Thursday and Friday, then ride the bus on Saturday and Sunday, and then ride the train and the bus again on Monday through Wednesday.

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