Watching the Tracks

Shame on those kids from Stand by Me! What is it about railroad tracks that’s so attractive to pedestrians? We’re watching our rail station security cameras like a hawk around the clock.

Here’s what we saw from one of the cameras at the MLK Station during the first morning of MetroRail service. Yes, this is illegal and extremely dangerous:

This video doesn’t exist

And here’s one more example of what NOT to do, courtesy of the security cameras at the MLK Station. Trying to beat the railroad crossing gates also is illegal and extremely dangerous.  Watch the white SUV and white car hurry through as the gates are coming down:

This video doesn’t exist

5 thoughts on “Watching the Tracks

  1. chrysrobyn

    The guy walking was obviously aware of his surroundings and looking around. With as much as he was filmed looking around, he’s probably safer there than 99% of people I see walking around my neighborhood. The train tracks were flatter than any of the ground nearby and probably the least likely place to twist an ankle.

    Trains are spaced a half hour apart, and always headed in the same direction. The guy in the film just watched one pass — how long do you think he’s going to have to wait until the next one comes? What direction is it going to come from?

    We need walking and biking trails next to tracks. A sidewalk wide enough for a bike to pass a person would be enough. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but prosecuting people for doing the most natural thing seems foolish to me.

  2. Chris

    A sidewalk/path along the tracks by Kramer station would be great, it’s about a 1/2 mile or so to the nearest bus stop for the #3 or #392, a sidewalk along the rail would reduce the walking time, as would rerouting either, or both, of those routes to actually stop at the station.

    1. Erik

      I second what Chris said. It would be a huge benefit to the community if provided a path along this Austin Energy right-of-way which was given to CapMetro.

      Thought there’d be a bike lane along Kramer between Braker/Burnet to connect with bicycle route #10, but that never happened. After trying to ride to the station along Kramer, I’ve come to the realization that people drive way to fast through there, especially at rush hour. It’s a shortcut to avoid the light at Burnet/Braker, after all. If the city intends to put a bike lane along this stretch of road, they’ll need to reduce it to a single lane each way.

  3. jcs0009

    Tracks and Paths? That was the hype. A woman was killed on a bike at 620 and 183 two weeks ago. This section is potentially a major pedestrian path with the new lakeline station a becon of hope and attraction of potential death. There are no sidewalks along 620 to the west. There are plans but for now; Drive your car.

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