MetroRail Update

 I’m blogging live from the Downtown Station.  It’s just past 6 p.m. and it has been an eventful afternoon so far.  The first train left Downtown at 3:45 with approximately 200ish people on.  It was so hard for staff to count because the train was packed.  The 4:20 train was more comfortable but still had 124 people when it left.  I’ve seen lots of people enjoying the ride with their friends and children. I’ve also seen many bikes down here. There is just one more arrival and departure down here and then the first day of MetroRail will come to a close. It’s been a fun ride…pun intended.

Lots of people were at the Downtown Station this afternoon to be a part of transportation history.
People started waiting for the first train at Downtown Station well over an hour before its arrival.

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