Capital MetroRail ridership: Day 1

The a.m. boardings today turned out to be 716 (39 with bikes). The peak run in the morning was the 7:54 departure SB from Leander (~100 people).

The afternoon boardings were a whopping 2,226. The peak run in the afternoon was the 5:23 p.m. departure from Leander to Downtown (well more than 200).

Total boardings today: 2,942. Not bad!

5 thoughts on “Capital MetroRail ridership: Day 1

  1. Chris

    Fast, smooth ride from downtown to Kramer Station. Looking forward to the possibility of expanded schedules. It would also be nice if bus routes 3, 240, and 392 serving the station were adjusted to be synchronized with the bus arrival/departure.

  2. Tisha

    Overall a great experience! I was a little skeptical, but decided to give it a go and am glad I did. You guys did a great job staffing all the stations and everyone was so positive! The excitement and energy really was contagious. Even though I was one of those standing on the ride home, I think the biggest surprise was how much less stressed I was after my commute both to and from work.

    Have to agree with Chris -I hope to see a more extensive/ frequent schedule in the coming months. I work at UT and heard a lot of comments about wishing the train’s schedule ran just 10-15 minutes later than it does. (Had to choose between getting to work 20 minutes early or 15 minutes late and it’s hard to catch a 5:05 when you get off at 5!) But at least this is one big step in the right direction.

    Still excited,


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  4. Parker

    hi i have a question i went to the heb on or near rundburg it is the closest store to the metric area i went up there to try and buy a 5day pass and guess what they never got any passes thats what heb said my understanding the ticket machines are not going to have them this is complicated to try to find a store that has passes i have to get on the rail monday morning for work how do i go about getting a pass i don’t have a debit card so online is not an option and would not of gotten it in time what do i do

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