23-year bus operator pro retires on his 80th birthday

Bus Operator Stephen Chang, at the helm

If you were onboard the 17 this morning between 5:30 and 9 a.m., you probably enjoyed a smooth ride under the skillful command of professional coachman Stephen Chang. You also unwittingly became a part of Capital Metro’s history, as that run was Stephen’s last–he’s retiring from Capital Metro after 23 years behind the steering wheel.

Today also happens to be Stephen’s 80th birthday–he has the distinction of being the oldest Capital Metro employee. Happy Birthday, Stephen!

Capital Metro celebrated Stephen’s milestones today with cake after he returned from his shift. Thanks, Stephen for 23 great years!

Capital Metro wishes Stephen Chang (pictured with his wife) a happy retirement.

4 thoughts on “23-year bus operator pro retires on his 80th birthday

  1. James Bush - T20

    Congrats Mr. Chang and Mae! For my garden’s sake, you and I will HAVE to stay in touch!
    All of our best to you both.

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