3 thoughts on “And so it begins.

  1. Don Dickson

    If you had a “like” button, I’d be clicking it. 🙂 There are things I don’t like about ABIA, but one of the coolest things about ABIA is that you can get downtown in fifteen minutes for a buck. That’s true of very, very few major airports.

  2. Erik

    It’d be nice if the route ran a couple hours longer. (Although there are only a couple flights coming in after 11:30p, I’ve been burned before thinking I could avoid the cab fare when I arrived at midnight.)

  3. Kelly

    I am shocked they still have $1.00 fares for adults at a transit system. Most systems had to raise fares to $1.50 or higher because of the economy or budget cuts. Way to go Cap Metro for keeping things affordable!

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