Tweeting @capmetrorail

Meet soon-to-be MetroRail frequent rider Logan Gentry. Logan is an engineer who works downtown. He’s also an avid twitterer who’s been tweeting about Capital MetroRail for the past year or more.

Since Capital Metro started tweeting via @CapMetroRail, we’ve become acquainted with Logan through his always persistent, sometimes pointed tweets about MetroRail.

We let the media ride on MetroRail this past Monday, and we were allowed to invite a few other guests, too. Logan was my guest, and as his tweets indicate, he enjoyed the ride.

Here’s @logangentry‘s stream from the ride:

My first tweet from the @capmetrorail! Many more to follow. Loving it!

It’s me and a bunch of reporters on the @capmetrorail

college students who commute, here’s your stop on @capmetrorail MLK station for a campus shuttle free 4 UT

Really smooth ride with free wifi on the @capmetrorail. A long…long wait, but it’s appearing to be worth it so far

Special thanks to @capmetrorail for letting me ride this afternoon! Glad to see it finally happening.

KXAN interviewed Logan about the experience; Check out the story here.

7 thoughts on “Tweeting @capmetrorail

  1. I’m curious – what is customer feedback concerning the schedule to be offered?

    I know a young woman who lives near the MLK station. She explained that after studying the CapMetro Rail schedule, her husband could not commute to his job at the Domain via the new rail, and she could not use the rail to visit downtown Austin in the evening after work.

    Can you let us know if the schedule is to be expanded? Frequency planned? Hours of operation?


    1. Misty

      We’ve already received a lot of interest in expanding the schedule. People should understand the Red Line is a starter line that will mainly serve commuters initially.

      Do we have plans to expand service? Absolutely, but it will take time and money to build more track and purchase more trains. We also ship freight on our tracks, which helps take trucks off our roads. So during the time MetroRail is not running, freight trains will occupy the tracks.

      Right now, we are solely focused on getting the Red Line up and running. As we develop our plans for expansion, we’ll keep the community and, of course, our fellow bloggers informed.

    2. Erica

      dianaP: in the meantime, suggest to your friend to try #18–it serves the MLK Station and goes downtown, 7 days and nights a week.

      Her husband can also take the bus to Kramer, but there’s a transfer involved.

  2. Erik

    I’d like to know how you guys were ‘given the green light’ and ‘certified’ to operate? The last week or so I’ve seen tons of crews doing major work still at crossings…doesn’t that seem odd for a system that’s apparently ready?

    Additionally, please inform us on the estimated completition timetable for the bicycle/pedestrian crossing bridge at east 4th/IH-35.


    1. Erica

      Erik: Approval from the FRA means that our system meets federal safety standards. This is unrelated to routine maintenance work that is a normal part of operating and maintaining an active railroad.

      I’m checking on the completion date for the bridge… I’ll post it when I get the info.

      1. Erik

        Thanks for the insight. As for the bridge, work started on May 2nd 2009 and I haven’t seen any construction progress since about that timeframe. I’d like to know if this is considered a priority, especially since the safety of cyclists is involved. Crossing those tracks on Red River, especially with no crossing gate there = bad.

    2. Erica

      Erik, The bridge project is a City project and estimated to be complete by May. Given the dangers of eastbound Bikeway cyclists riding in the train tracks in the stretch from Red River to IH-35 because the bikeway is closed due to construction, Capital Metro is working with the City on a Bikeway detour plan to deter cyclists from riding in the tracks.

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