Bus Paintings

Kathleen McElwaine rides the bus to work everyday from Leander. She also happens to be an artist and has found a way to make her time on the bus each day uber productive: she paints watercolors during her commute.

But not only that, she markets her bus paintings as green art! She maintains a blog and was featured in a TV news story not too long ago about her creative approach to commuting. (Obligatory comment: Those express buses must be one s-m-o-o-t-h ride if you can paint while onboard.) She sells her bus paintings through an Etsy storefront–check it out.

AND. She is one of 28 finalists in a contest to be named a Jerry’s Artarama Art Star. Her video is posted online, and the Art Star will be chosen based on the number of people who view the video–go view it!

Kathleen is just one of thousands of interesting riders onboard Capital Metro everyday. What do you do while riding the bus?

One thought on “Bus Paintings

  1. What a great job writing for the Capital MetroBlog about your very own BusPaintings Artist. Thank you! I am very glad to be part of the daily smiles on the express bus 983! Yes the ride is that smooth, I’m amazed every day by the great drivers and very thankful for their abilities as I paint yet another great BusPainting.

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