New Board now Boarding

A train ride is a great way to unwind after a productive four-hour board retreat. Following the lively discussion of various board processes and several key issues, including the safe and successful launch of MetroRail, our new board members took a ride on one of the trains (and you’ll get your chance to ride very soon).

Click through the jump for a few photos.

L to R: Board member Beverly Silas learns the ropes from train engineer Kazi Jahangir

L to R: Interim President/CEO Doug Allen listens intently to one of his new bosses, board member John Langmore
Board member Norm Chafetz keeps an eye on the engineer

4 thoughts on “New Board now Boarding

  1. vindobonensis

    Glad to know the new board is getting a lot of work done. Did any of them notice or comment about the significant swaying of the cars in many sections (my understanding is that this is caused by wear of the freight trains on the rail)?

    I just came back from a visit to the Tokyo Metro area in Japan, and by comparison the ride there was extremely smooth on all the trains. I think the Cap Metro Board should visit Japan and compare!

    1. Adam

      I didn’t notice any swaying or hear anyone mention it on this particular ride. What was definitely noticeable was how much quieter and smoother the ride is compared to a bus. Incidentally, Herzog has been doing some de-stressing of the tracks which is supposed to result in a smoother ride.

  2. vindobonensis

    Adam, I had noticed the swaying when I participated in the test ride last year. At least, it was swaying compared to the ride of the commuter rail in the city I’m from in Europe. The ride in Japan was even smoother.

    I do agree with you that it’s smoother than a typical bus ride, and it’s exceptionally quiet. Seats are very comfortable, too.

    It’s great that Herzog is improving the tracks. Can’t wait to try it out again and hopefully notice the difference!

  3. Don Dickson

    I was also on the test ride a few months ago. I thought the train was very comfy and the ride very smooth. It would be easy to whip out the laptop and the phone and work during the ride. For comfort I have to give the Red Line an A+.

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