We’re opening in March

Today we sent word to the Federal Railroad Administration, the federal agency overseeing the development of the MetroRail Red Line, that we expect to be operationally ready to begin service at the end of February.  This doesn’t mean we’ll open the service at that time, though. At that point, Herzog will simulate full testing of everything for two weeks, and if things go well we’ll be ready to open later in March.

Letter to FRA

2 thoughts on “We’re opening in March

  1. Parker

    this is great news to hear i am excited to be able to ride the train but i have to tell you we have heard this before last year march and it rolled around and nothing but more delays what makes this time so diffrent if this is the case why no launch date itself if capmetro is so sure of it’s launch

    1. Adam

      A specific date won’t be selected until the FRA has the opportunity to observe and inspect. But based on the latest board update, everything is looking good for starting up later in March.

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