Buses and Bikes – Share the Road

Great video for cyclists about safely navigating traffic near buses! The video was produced by the Chicago Dept. of Transportation, the Chicago Transit Authority, and the Chicago Bicycle Program. The video includes some useful information for bus operators, too.

4 thoughts on “Buses and Bikes – Share the Road

  1. Nice instructional video! Congrats to Jairo Naranjo, He recently won first place in the Customer Service Challenge at the APTA International Bus Roadeo. We at busroadeocentral.com have recently named him Roadeo Personality of the Month.

  2. ltex

    Please tell the drivers on Route 30 to Barton Creek mall about this – we have been cut off in the bike lanes on Barton Springs Road by buses.

  3. Thank you for embedding the video in your blog.
    I’ve recently uploaded an accessible version of the video with open captions. This is because the Chicago Transit Authority has a major commitment to its customers to always provide accessible media. Captions are a first for the Chicago Bicycle Program!

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