Where have I been that I was unaware of the “Adopt-a-Stop” program? Usually I am quick to join a program that helps clean the environment. I joined as soon as I learned about it last week.

Capital Metro’s “Adopt-a-Stop” program allows businesses, churches, schools, families or individuals to adopt a bus stop and take care of it. Sounds like fun? It is. Sounds self rewarding? It is. Sounds important? It is.

I adopted the bus stop at the “Y” in Oak Hill. It is only three-quarter mile from my home. I pass by it going to work and again returning home. From the street it looked like it did not need much work to clean up. I took with me a broom, a rake, a scoop and a five gallon trash bag. The bag filled up quickly. I picked up about 100 cigarette butts. Eeeww!

By donating a small fee, Capital Metro will hang a 10″ x 10″ sign at your adopted stop recognizing you. I choose not to pay the $37.89 fee, but if I had a business I would buy a sign. It would let everybody know that my business, or organization, is helping to clean the community.

According to Alissa Schram, Metro’s community involvement representative, we have 80 bus stops that are adopted or are on hold. She showed me pictures on her computer of bus stops. One showed elementary school children planning flowers at the bus stop their school adopted. We highlighted that school in this earlier entry on our blog.

Another picture was of the bus stop at Congress and Riverside.

Diamond in the rough seeks TLC!

This bus stop right now looks like it could use resuscitation. “I wish someone would adopt this bus stop,” Alissa said. “To make it beautiful. To love it. And it is a high profile bus stop. It would be good (public relations) for them.”

Doing something positive for your community on a voluntary basis is innate, I believe. It is what the poet Longfellow meant with these words from “Song of Hiawatha”: “You shall hear how Hiawatha/ Prayed and fasted in the forest,/ Not for greater skill in hunting,/ Not for greater craft in fishing,/ Not for triumps in battle,/ And renown among the warriors,/ But for profit of the people,/ For advantage of the nation.”

How unselfish, I thought, when I first read this. And yet, all of us are like this. Unselfish. Daily I see people going out of their way for the benefit of others with the knowledge that there is no financial gain in it. Good deeds are recorded in Heaven.

If you are interested in adopting a bus stop, please email Alissa.  She will help you get started.

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