More Roadeo

I didn’t win. But I did go up against Arthur Murillo, who is a three-time world champion. That is my consolation prize to myself.

Congratulations, Arthur. I said this to him privately and now publicly.

In April, Arthur will compete for the International Title in Cleveland, Ohio. I talked with him Monday and I can report he is cautiously optimistic at this time. “Like I told you, Leo, you’ve got to think positive. You have to say to yourself, ‘I can win this.'”

If you have Arthur as your driver (he drives the 300 route), say congratulations to him and wish him well on the International Competition.

4 thoughts on “More Roadeo

  1. Arthur,
    Hope to compete for top driver in the International Roadeo in Cleveland, Ohio. hopfully this will be my year!!
    (for 1st place trophy and ring)

    P.S. I will turn off the air conditioning this time

  2. Congratulations to Arthur Murillo from an old friend. I still can’t drive a car very well….but I love driving buses in parking lots. Have fun in Cleveland.

    P.S. Watch out for the dark horse from Washington State.

    1. lg1867

      Daniel, this is Leo. Congratulations to you for winning the Regional in your area. I finished in fourth place. I will tell Arthur you said hi and congrats to him. He just went on vacation and won’t be back until after after Christmas. Good luck to you.

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