Roadeo Round-Up

Arthur Murillo, Ted Ward, StarTran General Manager Terry Garcia Crews, Pete Rivera, Abdelkader Tenouri, Interim President/CEO Doug Allen.

The Capital Metro Roadeo wrapped up yesterday in Leander, and some of my favorite bus operators competed in three categories: Paratransit Vans, 35-Foot Bus, and 40-Foot Bus. In the Big Shoot-Out, Scott “T-Bone” Lansing, general manager of First Transit, took first place.

All the winners, and more photos, behind the cut.

Vehicle Maintenance

1st: Mike Clements, Phillip O’Neal, Gary Hosea—StarTran, Inc.

Paratransit Van

1st: Ted Ward—StarTran, Inc.

2nd: Wally Acosta—StarTran, Inc.

3rd: Gerald Oltman—StarTran, Inc.

35-Foot Bus

1st: Arthur Murillo—StarTran, Inc.

2nd: Abdelkader Tenouri—StarTran, Inc.

3rd: Juan Maldonado—StarTran, Inc.

40-Foot Bus

1st: Porfirio “Pete” Rivera—StarTran, Inc.

2nd: Tony Payton—StarTran, Inc.

3rd: Amos Underwood—StarTran, Inc.

"The judgment stop." Competitors have to bring the bus up to 30 mph, not hitting any of the barrels, and then bring it to a stop within six inches from a cone. I love this one!
Leo Guerrero shows off his 2010 Roadeo patch.
A MetroAccess competitor navigates the course.
StarTran Mechanics Mike Clements, Gary Hosea, and Phillip O'Neal pose with the bus engine they diagnosed and corrected in the Vehicle Maintenance competition.

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