Halloween Transit


So many parties, so little time… don’t waste a minute of it trying to find a place to park! Between our regular routes, the E-Bus, and Night Owls, we’ve got you covered. Check out our online trip planner to get a personalized trip plan for yourself, from party to party.

A bicycle is a great way to travel on Halloween–you get to show off your costume while you travel. Austin 360 put together a list of Halloween bike events–check it out. My favorite is this one:


Ride of the Zombies sets out from Cafe Mundi near Plaza Saltillo and ends up at the Zombie Ball on East 5th. The Zombie Ball is all about sustainability, and you even get a ticket discount if you bike to the event.

Too far to bike down? No worries– you can bike by bus on Capital Metro. Take the #4 Montopolis and get off at 7th/Springdale. The Zombie Ball is just a couple of blocks south.

One thought on “Halloween Transit

  1. Scott Wood

    That’s great for those that live near the night owls, but how about extending the hours of some other buses on such holidays, especially if they fall on a weekend, which normally has reduced service?

    Running some express buses and others that are normally weekday-only would be nice too.

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