ACC Students to Ride Free

Next year, ACC students will be able to ride Capital Metro for FREE.  That means less money spent on gas and more cash for pizza (or whatever else college kids are spending money on these days).

Beginning  January 5, 2010 all ACC students, faculty and staff will be able to ride Capital Metro free of charge for the spring semester.  It’s all part of the new Green Pass program which is aimed at reducing congestion around ACC campuses, increasing ridership and improving our air quality.GREEN Pass image

Yesterday afternoon, our Board of Directors approved the agreement in which Capital Metro and ACC have been working on for quite some time.  Under the terms of the agreement, ACC will pay a discounted rate for each trip on bus and rail services.  ACC is funding the program through its sustainability fee included in tuition.  Eligible ACC riders that are MetroAccss qualified will also have free access to paratransit service.

The Green Pass is not just for getting to class, ACC riders will be able to access any of Capital Metro’s bus and soon, rail, services for all of their travel needs.  For more details check out the press release on our web site.

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