The Bus Roadeo’s “Big Shoot Out”

A fun aspect of Capital Metro’s Bus Roadeo is the annual “Big Shoot Out,” an event that basically allows all of us underlings to make (good-natured) fun of our esteemed leaders as they try to drive the same competition course as our professional bus and van operators.

This year, the big shoot out will be between the general managers of our three major service providers: StarTran, First Transit, and Veolia.

To get you in the spirit of the competition, here are the “trading cards” for Tear-Em Up Terry, T-Bone, and The Cone Killer.  🙂

Chager-10-27-09 0022Chris R. S. Hagar

Nickname: The Cone Killer

Team: Veolia Transportation Bus Operations

Position: General Manager

Experience: 17 years in the transportation industry

Stats: Veolia Transportation has participated in Capital Metro’s Bus Roadeo for the last three years, and five of Veolia’s professional bus operators are in the competition.

In his words: The roadeo allows our operators to show off their driving skills, and a little “friendly” competition between providers is always fun.

tgc.jpgTerry Garcia Crews

Nickname: Tear ‘Em Up Terry

Team: StarTran, Inc.

Position: General Manager

Experience: 23 years in the transportation industry

Stats: Among StarTran’s ranks are bus roadeo champions Arthur Murillo, Abdelkader Tenouri, Porfirio “Pete” Rivera, Jeff Mercer and Ted Ward. Thirty-one of StarTran’s professional bus and van operators are in the competition, as well as one maintenance team.

In her words:  The roadeo highlights our operators who perform their jobs in a stellar fashion and allows them an opportunity to compete against their peers.  These best of the best operators then go test their driving skills at a state and national competition, which CMTA has done extremely well in – taking 3rd Place Grand Championship 2009!!

scott_lansing2Scott Lansing

Nickname: T-Bone

Team: First Transit

Position: General Manager

Experience: 32 years in the transportation industry

Stats: First Transit has three professional bus operators in the competition.

In his words: The roadeo puts some fun and spirit into safety. That said, I’m gonna fly like an operator and sting like a mechanic!

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