Second Volunteer Day at Plaza Saltillo

Cleaned beds at Plaza Saltillo ready for new plantings

On Saturday morning, October 24th, the Plaza Saltillo at E 5th St. and Comal St. began to come alive.

Adjacent to the Plaza Saltillo MetroRail Station, Plaza Saltillo sits as a public plaza inspired by one of Austin’s Sister Cities, Saltillo, Mexico. The Plaza was built in 1997 through a grant by the City of Austin on land leased from Capital Metro.

Saturday was the second volunteer day at the Plaza Saltillo. The first day, volunteers removed tired remainders of the original landscape plantings and prepared the beds for new plants. This past weekend, volunteers helped us install some of the new plantings.

Provided through a $2,500 grant to Capital Metro from Keep Austin Beautiful, and volunteer design services from Ilse Frank Landscape Design, the planting beds were filled with beautiful native and well adapted shade trees, ornamental trees, shrubs, succulents, grasses, and native groundcovers that reflect the culture and architecture showcased by  Plaza Saltillo. With the help of folks coming and going all day from 9 till 2, we were able to successfully plant three beds with Mexican Sycamore, Anacocho Orchid, Desert Willows and some beautiful grasses and ground cover. Each person’s contribution was invaluable – from the muscles it took to break up the bed rock to the fine touches needed planting delicate Silver Ponyfoot and spreading the mulch.

R1-12AThanks go to Nuevo Leon, Texas Coffee Traders, Native Texas Nursery, Ted’s Trees, the Sister Cities Association, and our fabulous volunteers. Incidentally, on Saturday afternoon, approximately 50 “zombies” gathered in the Plaza preparing for a festival downtown. At 5:00, the procession for Dia de las Muertos met and began at the Plaza. Such a great feeling to see the newly-planted Plaza Saltillo in use and enjoyed already! More plantings will follow along with other improvements to help revitalize Plaza Saltillo.

This means there’ll be more volunteer opportunities in the future. Not sure when that will be, but we look forward to the continued efforts by many to make Plaza Saltillo vibrant!

R1- 7A
Three new beds of native plants now adorn Plaza Saltillo.

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