It’s Roadeo Time

Capital Metro’s local Bus and Paratransit Roadeo competition will be held this Sunday, November 1, at the Leander Station and Park & Ride.

I am competing this year in the 35-foot bus competition. This past weekend I practiced maneuvering a bus through a 10-piece obstacle course, each challenge made to be tougher, more treacherous and mind boggling to get through than the one before.

So it seemed. Luckily Ernest Acosta and Tito Hernandez were there to help drivers navigate the orange rubber cones. “We are the best coaches in the country,” said Ernest, as he measured distances between cones with a tape measure.

“What do you offer as proof?” I asked.

He turns to look at me. “Look at all the trophies we’ve won. That is true. Capital Metro has won State twice, the International Roadeo Competition three times and second and third place trophies numerous times.

It is also true Ernest and Tito are the best coaches. They look at each driver working through the minefield of cones and if a driver touches one cone, which will happen, they offer advice on how best to avoid making the same mistake.

“It is a point game,” Tito tells me. “If you find yourself (on the day of competition) stuck having to hit a cone, hit that one (he points) because that one will cost you 10 points. That way you don’t hit that one (points to the next cone), which will cost you 30 points.”

The object of the game is to finish with as many points as possible. I do not remember my best score, but I did finish in third place once.

Competition has become fiercer lately I’ve noticed. That does not discourage me. I will be there Sunday morning ready to win.

2 thoughts on “It’s Roadeo Time

  1. lg1867

    Thanks, Don. Last year I did not participate as a driver but
    I was a judge. It’s more fun when you drive but I am sooo
    busy. A driver has to give up two days off for practice, which I always need for activities I’m involved with.

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