One Million Miles and Counting

Last week in a makeshift ceremony I was presented my plaque foLeor reaching the million mile safe driving mark. The award was given to me by the National Safety Council. It was presented to me by Tony Dugas, from the Capital Metro Safety Department, and Erica McKewen took pics. I also received some patches, which earlier today I took to the cleaners to have them sewn onto my uniform.

But that’s not what I want to brag about. I want to brag about the fact that StarTran, Capital Metro’s main service provider, has 130 drivers in its operator ranks that have reached the million mile mark of driving the bus safely. If that has not made your jaw drop, then listen to this. Capital Metro also has five drivers who have reached and passed the two million mile mark. (We had six two million milers but one operator retired.) That is a lot of miles. It is like driving from Austin on earth to downtown Austin on Mars.

Something else I would like to say is that Capital Metro currently has more drivers who are inching their way to both the million mile mark and the two milion mile mark. There is a lot of safety behind our driving. I am proud to be part of this group.

2 thoughts on “One Million Miles and Counting

    1. lg1867

      Thanks, Don. Sorry I don’t get back as quickly as I know I should. I’m just sooo busy. I’ll be doing the 300 route for the next three months.

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