A Tale of Two Cities: Cool Art Along the 101

This summer my route was the 101. It was created to help with the heavy passenger load of the number 1 route. I think it is the easiest route a driver can do. I do not know any driver who disagrees with this conclusion. Passengers who have to take the 1 route prefer and love taking the 101 instead when possible because it is fast. It feels like taking a bus equipped with turbocharge.

Something else I like about doing the 101 was going down the “Drag” and “SoCo.” It is the drawings and murals on buildings I get to see. It reminds me of going down Hollywood Boulevard, which has lively artwork also.

I was a teengae romantic hippy in the ’60’s. I loved that short and intense era, especially the rock music that came out during that time. Consequently, the art work that stands out are the two drawings of Bob Dylan that look at people as they walk down the Drag.
One drawing is from the cover of “Blonde on Blonde,” and the other from the video “Subterranean Homesick Blues.”

There is a shop on the SoCo strip called “Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds.” A play on words of the Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.” (There was also a song by Freddy and the Dreamers titled “Judy in Disguise With Glasses.) The mural on the building of this shop is an attention getter. It will remind the viewer of the cover of the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” Like that cover, the mural is filled with people who are iconic figures. Even the Fab Four are in there wearing their Sgt. Pepper uniforms.

There is a bookstore, or was, it’s been almost two decades since I stopped hanging in Hollywood, that sold old, new and rare books, kinda like our Half Price Books, that was located near the corner of Fairfax and Hollywood Boulevard. On the wall outside this bookstore was a mural of the Beatles. It was from the cover of “Beatles For Sale.” The artwork was great in that there was an emotional feeling of sadness one would get from the mural because the Beatles look sad. I think it was the first album cover were the Beatles are not smiling at the camera. They look tired and used.

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cities: Cool Art Along the 101

  1. Don Dickson

    Hello Leo, good to see you here again. And I like living on SoCo for the same reasons you enjoy driving it.

    But I’m very frustrated with your transit system these days, I’m sorry to say. Nothing you can fix, I know. But here’s one….why would you encourage everyone to take public transit to the UT game, and then detour your routes to avoid going near it?


    As I was riding the 20 yesterday trying to get to Manor and Leona for a tailgate party, I heard a college kid behind me who wasn’t accustomed to riding the buses say something to the effect of desiring to avoid “seedy” people. I almost wanted to turn around and clock the guy. And then today on KVUE’s site I see a similar comment from someone who walked to the game from a distance. I dunno who these people think are riding our buses, but it’s really distasteful to me. And it shows me that CM may have some marketing to do to change public attitudes.

    Indeed, CM may have inadvertently helped to create these popular misconceptions by caving in over a matter of twenty-five cents.

    I wound up walking home from the game. 3.1 miles! But it was kinda fun.

    Stay safe my friend, I’ll see you on the 101.


  2. Don Dickson

    Ohh, P.S., here’s another one….Leo, you and I have already had this conversation….what kind of sense does it make for the 101 to make ten stops between Cesar Chavez and the Capitol? 🙂

    1. lg1867

      Hello, Don—Yes, I ‘member when we talked. It was back in June. You walked 3 1/2 miles! You are in better shape than I, my friend. I have not walked that much since infentry training in the Marines.

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