Crazy Bike Story on the #1

We heard the most incredible bike story last week from one of our riders, Emily, who also writes a blog called Going Carless.  Check out her blog for the whole story, but here’s an excerpt:

I walked to the bus stop on 34th and Guadalupe to catch the #1 to South Congress to close my Austin CarShare account. After standing in the heat for a few minutes, I boarded the bus and looked at the bike loaded on the front rack. Out of my surprise I took a long look and decided it was my bike- same leopard-print seat, same rack, pouch, single sun-bleached bungy chord. He must have stolen it from my apartment a few blocks away and boarded at 35th, the stop before where I got on. I told the bus driver and she asked if I wanted to call the police. She did and we pulled over at 30th and waited with the back-door closed. As I was staring in disbelief, a man ran past us to the front-door and grabbed the bike. I jumped off and said “that’s my bike!” to which he responded “no it’s not” and rode off in a hurry (because it was my bike and he was stealing it).

Amazingly, the police caught the thief a few minutes later.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Bike Story on the #1

  1. Paul DeMello

    That is crazy. Glad the cops got him.

    Not quite the same situation, but I’ve always been worried about the possibility of someone stealing my bike off the front rack. Are folding bikes allowed on board CapMetro buses? That’s one way to solve it…

    1. Erica

      Paul, Yes! folding bikes are allowed on board the bus. I think it’s pretty rare that a bike is stolen off the front racks. A more common event is people forgetting to retrieve their bikes when they get off the bus. There’s a steady stream of bikes that end up in Capital Metro’s lost and found.

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