7 thoughts on “Welcome to our new site

  1. Welcome to the new site!

    (And do y’all have any idea what created that hellacious gridlocked traffic jam along both Guadalupe and Congress around 6 p.m. last night? Sheesh, it was brutal!)

  2. Life. Complicated.

    I know why Don… someone decided to create a standoff on 360/MoPac last night. I heard traffic was backed up for hours!

  3. Hey Erica, I just want to give an online shout-out to the twelve or fifteen ballet dancers who ride the 1 together downtown in the mornings and southbound in the late afternoons. I happen to be on the board of directors of an Austin company of professional tap dancers and dance educators, and so I just want to wave to all of those young ladies and salute them not only their daily hard work to perfect their craft, but also for saving all of us a whole lot of gasoline and fumes. They brighten the ride for the rest of us.

    Sign me, the suit-and-tie guy. 🙂

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