Capital MetroRail Progress Report

Capital Metro is releasing its July progress report today. It’s an anticlimactic report–we’re not announcing a date just yet. Still, things are moving along. The full report is behind the jump.


Capital Metro continues readying the MetroRail Red Line for a safe launch into full-service operations. The project is still in the final comprehensive operational testing phase, during which every component is tested in conjunction with the whole to validate the safety and consistent operation of the system. As Capital Metro staff discovers and resolves issues within this phase, we have also completed the detailed documentation work that will ensure smooth operations when MetroRail is in full-service.

Capital Metro staff and partners are also using the additional time to redouble their rail safety education efforts. While Capital Metro is not ready to announce a new opening date yet, the community will appreciate the extra efforts being taken now to ensure their safety both on and off the tracks.

Milestones Completed Since June 19

  • Made adjustments to all crossings as needed to function as designed and improve reliability.
  • Identified resolution to gate timing issue at the following crossings near the Kramer, Crestview and Highland Stations: Kramer, Braker, Lamar, Guadalupe, Denson. Resolution will adjust the amount of time gates are down when trains stop at nearby stations.
  • Traffic signal preemption is complete and operational at these crossings, pending final optimization adjustments as needed:
    o 4th Street & Red River
    o IH-35 SBFR (near 4th Street)
    o IH-35 NBFR (near 4th Street)
    o IH-35 SBFR (near IH-35 lower deck)
    o 45th Street
    o 51st Street
    o 53rd Street
    o Denson Drive
    o Guadalupe Street
    o North Lamar Boulevard
    o Anderson Lane
    o Crystal Falls Parkway
    o FM 2243
    Signal preemption technology provides enhanced safety at crossings adjacent to intersections by turning traffic lights green and allowing traffic to clear before gates are lowered.
  • Completed train engineers’ preliminary comprehensive contingency training.
  • Completed comprehensive software inventory and documentation process for the entire system which will result in easier identification and resolution of any issues that may arise.

Remaining Milestones

  • Complete full-service test runs to adjust and finalize rail service schedules.
  • Complete train engineers’ final comprehensive contingency training, including passenger simulation tests (scheduled for July 17 & 18).
  • Complete final signal technology adjustments and enhancements.
  • Conduct final system validation. This process ensures consistent and reliable operation of all components working together.

When will service begin?

Capital Metro will announce an opening date when the entire rail system is demonstrated to be operating in a consistent, reliable and safe manner. We will report back to the community in mid-August. We will continue rail safety outreach efforts during this time to increase awareness about trains and prepare the community for MetroRail.

2 thoughts on “Capital MetroRail Progress Report

  1. Life. Complicated.

    Since dates were listed for one of the requirements, when is the tenative date for

    Complete full-service test runs to adjust and finalize rail service schedules.

    Disappointing to say the least. If you are not going to announce a date, then you could give mini updates on the progress of the milestones. But I am not holding my breath for this to be operational by this year.

  2. BonBon!

    You're right Life. Don't hold your breath. If ever there was an unmitigated municipal disaster of unspeakable proportions, it's Capital Metro.

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