National Dump the Pump Day is tomorrow

“If you’re serious about being green, you should be riding Capital Metro.” That was our message today at the North Lamar Transit Center, where we set up a display to demonstrate just how significant the benefits are to the environment when you take public transportation instead of driving. It’s the single greatest action you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.

You’d have to use 100 percent post-consumer waste recycled paper for the next 45-48 years (450,000 – 480,000 sheets of paper!) to make the same positive effect on the environment as riding the bus for a single year.

Bus operator and MetroBlogger Leo Guerrero poses with a Capital Metro hybrid bus and the mountain of paper.

Tomorrow would be a perfect day to make the switch to public transit–it’s National Dump the Pump Day, and you can score some environmentally-friendly goodies, too.

Come to either the North Lamar Transit Center or the South Congress Transit Center tomorrow morning with at least five plastic grocery bags for recycling, and we’ll give you a reusable grocery bag and a 20% off coupon from EcoShoppe. We’ll be there at 6:30 a.m. until the bags run out.


Take a picture of yourself riding Capital Metro and email the photo to for a chance to win one of 20 i-Ride eco-friendly windbreakers, or the grand-prize, a $200 gift certificate to EcoShoppe. Read the full details and the small print here.

Tweet about your Dump the Pump Day experiences! Use the hashtags #DumpThePump and #CapMetro to be part of both the local and the national movements to ride public transportation to save the planet. Have fun with it!

We have to give some props to IKON Office Solutions and Longhorn Office Products who helped us acquire 480,000 sheets of recycled paper for our demo today, as well as EcoShoppe for partnering with us on the promotion.

4 thoughts on “National Dump the Pump Day is tomorrow

  1. Don Dickson

    First of all let me say hi to my new friend Leo, who picked me up twice on the 101 today and mentioned that he recognized me from the blog. He mentioned that Ericka & Co. had an event going on at the NL Transit Center this morning. I'm sorry I couldn't attend it.

    Dump the Pump is a great initiative. About two years ago I moved from the very edge of town to a great address in central Austin where I'm 14 minutes from my office and 4 minutes from the supermarket. And if I just missed the bus, there's no need to cuss — another one will come along in a matter of a few minutes.

    People are aghast when I tell them I live in Austin and don't own a car. But I gotta tell you, not owning a car is its own form of freedom! The other day I overheard someone complaining about being stuck in horrendous traffic on MoPac, and I got to thinking about it, and I honestly couldn't remember the last time I was ON MoPac.

    I have:

    No car payment.
    No gas expense.
    No car insurance.
    No inspection/registration fees.
    No oil changes.
    No tire changes.
    No "check engine" light. 🙂

    Relying almost exclusively on public transit has reduced my daily stress level by a power of ten. And when your entire monthly transportation cost comes to $18, if you need to go someplace that isn't on a bus line, or if you're in a terrific hurry, spending $20 on a cab once in a while just isn't that big a deal.

    People say to themselves "ohh, I can't afford to live downtown." When you're not spending $1000 a month on your car and gas, and wasting an hour or two a day on MoPac, yes, you certainly can afford to live downtown. And it's a pretty cool place to live.

  2. Erica McKewen

    Don, send in a photo of yourself on the bus tomorrow! You could win a gift cert. to EcoShoppe or a Capital Metro windbreaker.

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