On the Air with Fred

Recently Capital Metro’s President/CEO Fred Gilliam sat down (over the phone) with KLBJ-AM news director Todd Jeffries to discuss a number of topics, including MetroRail, sales tax revenue, the recently approved line of credit, service changes, roadeo results and more. In a world of 10-second sound bites, it’s always a refreshing opportunity to have a long-form conversation about several important issues. You can hear the interview on Todd’s blog.

2 thoughts on “On the Air with Fred

  1. Jake

    To whom it may concern,

    Today is the last day that I will ever ride Capital Metro. An African-American Male bus operator driving route 1M with bus 8940 laughed at me because I told him I needed assistance as a disabled rider. This driver should be disciplined, but more importantly Capital Metro must change their attitude towards the disabled community. Often, bus operators treat me and others like an “inconvenience” because we request that the ramp be extended. They also talk behind our backs while they drive, telling other riders how they would have been on-time if they did not have to pick up a disabled person. Not only are these practices disappointing, but they are also illegal according to the ADA. I hope that Capital Metro management will take a stand in support of Austin’s disabled community by implenting customer service and sensitity training for all bus operators, and that you severly discipline any bus operator that treats any passenger with disrespect.

  2. vindobonensis

    I strongly disagree with Mr. Gilliam that it was a mistake for Capital Metro to set a deadline for MetroRail and that it was a mistake to get "caught up in the eagerness of the community."

    Deadlines are always necessary in large scale projects to gauge progress and enable accountability. It's ultimately acceptable for deadlines to move, but to throw the schedule out altogether, that's just irresponsible. Even if it is in the name of safety – if we had no deadlines due to safety, we would never have automobiles, planes, spacecraft, bridges, elevators, or Metrorail.

    And it's not just eagerness – we paid you to construct a rail system. It's been done many times over in other cities and countries so it should be possible here, too. If I paid you to build a house, an airport, or anything else, I hope you understand that I expect results and at least a reasonable schedule of when you will complete your project.

    Please remember that it is our tax dollars that you are spending on this project, and every month that goes by that residents have paid for and cannot use the system is a loss to the community.

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