It’s easy being green and nice to be noticed too!

Capital Metro earned the “Most Forward Thinking” Award for our exhibit at the Austin Green Living & Home Products Expo February 27th to March 1st. We talked with hundreds of people who stopped by our booth and climbed around on our beautiful hybrid bus parked inside the Austin Convention Center. A comment we loved the most, and heard a lot: “Wow, that’s a pretty bus!” We agree, and every time you take a ride you help keep the planet pretty too.

4 thoughts on “It’s easy being green and nice to be noticed too!

  1. M1EK

    Services which aren’t supporting changes in land use aren’t particularly green – buses, even hybrid buses, thus fall short miserably compared to the lamest electrified street rail, for instance.

    The same bus, stuck in traffic, as a hybrid is a bit greener for those passengers, but there’s fewer of those passengers, proportionally, each day as traffic gets worse and worse leading to a larger gap between the performance of the bus and the private automobile (and, no, Rapid Bus doesn’t help that in a non-trivial fashion).

    This is just like having a ‘green’ home out in Lakeway and then driving 20,000 miles per year.

    (commuter rail = diesel, plus a shuttle bus, is far less green than even the hybrid bus, so don’t bring that up, please).

  2. EasyRider

    It’s too bad some people just can’t say congratulations when you guys win an award. So I’ll say it: congratulations.

  3. Jamie Bemoore

    Capital Metro, congratuations on the award. M1EK, stop complaining! Even if hybrid bus uses diesel fuel, it is still more “green” than individuals driving alone. For that matter, a traditional city bus getting 5 mph with 5 passengers is getting better mileage/passenger than most SUVs. So, until Austin is able to afford electrified street rail, you should either be happy for these little victories, or you should move to Europe/Asia where electrified street rail exists (due to taxpayer subsidies)

  4. M1EK

    That 5 passengers becomes proportionally less each day as the natural disadvantages of buses are magnified by more and more congestion.

    Buses are a reaction to land use; rail helps shape it. If you eventually end up only carrying people on buses who couldn’t or wouldn’t drive anyways, you aren’t greener at all.

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