Ride the Bus and Breathe Easier

Warmer weather and blooming wildflowers represents spring time in central Texas. It’s also a time to be mindful of ozone levels in the atmosphere. April 1 through October 31 is ozone season, the time when ozone is most likely to form.

Ground-level ozone is a pollutant from man-made sources, such as vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, and industry emissions. Ozone pollution is harmful, but it is particularly unhealthy for children, seniors and people with cardiac or breathing problems.

The most effective way you can help decrease ozone levels is reducing your vehicle miles traveled, such as riding the bus!

A single person, commuting alone by car, who switches a 20-mile round trip commute to public transportation, can reduce his or her annual CO2 emissions by 4,800 pounds per year, equal to a 10% reduction in all greenhouse gases produced by a typical two-adult, two-car household. (source: American Public Transportation Association)

Now if that isn’t reason enough, thinks about this: By taking public transportation instead of driving a car, a two-worker household can save $6,251 annually. (source: APTA)

More money, cleaner air…who wouldn’t want that?

Learn more about ozone levels in our area and sign up to receive ozone warning alerts by visiting the Clean Air Force of Texas’ Web site.

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