Thorough judging from every angle

At each challenge on the obstacle course, judges evaluate the operator’s performance. There are also three judges onboard the bus. The team of judges working on “Death on the Yard’s” bus included bus operators Leo Guerrero and Debbie Teague, and Safety & Security Director Mark Ostertag.

Leo was judging safety habits, like the use of turn signals and seat belt. He’s been with Capital Metro since 1995 and just earned his Million Mile safety award. Debbie also joined Capital Metro in 1995, and her role today was to judge smoothness of operation. For example, during my turn behind the wheel, I got a little happy with the brakes once, and so Debbie was obliged to deduct a few points. Mark was the timekeeper–he’s been with us for 10 years, and this is the 10th local roadeo he’s helped to produce. The roadeo is one component of a comprehensive safety and training program at Capital Metro that produces our team of safe, courteous, and responsible drivers.

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